Why photography?

There exists a fascination in myself to capture moments. Moments that have the ability to tell their own emotional story without motion.

After more than 20 years experience in Real Estate and Media, Marketing, and Sales and Works Council, to which I am still loyal, I have now given time for my fascinations to expand. I had planned a year-long trip with my husband and children, however the Global Pandemic led me down a different path. Although one journey was lost, a new one was pursued. I have now been studying photography since October 2020.

Interest in collaboration? Interested in working with me as a TFP model? Do you want to be my mentor? Get in touch!

Jennifer Hartmann | mail@jennifer-hartmann.com | +49 160 948 76 984



Jennifer Hartmann was born (*1977) and raised in Cologne, Germany. Her professional career took her to Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, San Francisco and most recently to Lake Tegernsee in Germany.

After more than 20 years experience in Real Estate, Marketing, Media ans Sales and at least Works Council, to which she is still loyal, she has given time for her fascination and passion to expand and started studing photography in munich.

Her first photography project “distance – proximity – movement” is in context and deals with the situation of the pandemic. That she already has issued in an exhibition during the pandemic in February 2020 in Cologne. 

1977 Born and grew up in Cologne (Germany)
1990 Student exhange program to Paris 
1995 Development aid program in Namibia
1997 Graduation High School
1997 Language school and language trip in Mexico City and New York 
1998 Internship Sales in Denia (Spain)
1999 Language school in London
1999 Grauduation commercial foreign language corresponent (English, Spanish)
1999 Internship Marketing at Caprobo in Barcelona 
2000 – 2004 Marketing Manager/ Designer at HaBeGe/GAGFAH (real estate, property developer)
2003 Graduation Diploma Mutlimediaproducer
2004 – 2005     Marketing Manager at pan_b Media (StartUp Mobile-Marketing and -Content Agency)
2005 – 2006      Key Account Manager at MindMatics (Mobile-Marketing, -Content and -Messaging Agency)
2005 Moved to Düsseldorf
2005-2007 Key Account Manager at mBlox/Sinch. (Mobile Messaging Agency)
2007 Moved to Hamburg
2007-2011         Senior Key Account Manager at Gruner + Jahr e|MS (Special Unit Mobile Advertising, within that team we established a new media channel within the Advertisting Market in Germany)
2011 Moved to munich
2011 Gave birth to her Son Oskar
2012 Parental leave in San Franscisco
2012-2018 Key Account Manager at Gruner + Jahr e|MS
2015 Gave birth to her daughter Olivia 
2015 Moved to Tegernsee
2015 Half Marathon Tegernsee
2016 Alpine Cross
2017 Marathon Berlin
2018 – today Work Counciler at Ad Alliance (Gruner + Jahr e|MS + Mediengruppe RTL)
2018 Graduation NLP Practioner
2019 Skipper Training
2020 – today Studying Photography in Muinch
2021 First Photoexhibition „Distance, Proximity and Movement“ in Cologne
2021 Photo publication Seeseiten – the magazine for the Tegernsee region. Photo: Autumn fog on the Tegernsee
2021 Photo publication Photonews magazin online. Photonews-Forum “Bett”. Photo: Sleeping